Customer Brief

First of all, we precisely define what you wish to develop in terms of product type, texture, fragrance and packaging.

In the meantime, we also consider all regulatory limitations in order to develop the right formula matching your requirements and your market.

We provide you a quote for the development of your products which will depend on your project's complexity.

Once approved, let's start and make your project a reality.


Our cosmetic expertise enables us to develop unique, exclusive and innovative formulas which meets all your product specifications.

Depending on your needs and your market, you can choose:

  1. To start from one of our Standard Formulas and customize it to make it unique (faster and cost effective process)
  2. To develop your formulas from scratch

All our formulas are subject to the required tests according to your country’s regulations. That is why, all raw materials are carefully selected for your product specifications.

Packaging Design

Our team can source or design any packaging for your projects.

Depending on your required quantities and the type of packaging you wish, we advise you what will be the best available options for your project.

For long-term project, our team can even design new molds for plastics or glass materials and create a unique packaging design for you.

Graphics Design

According to your requirements, we take care of all your products graphic (& labelling) design, including the creation of your logo and even designing your website if needed.

The mandatory labelling information will be integrated as per the regulatory requirements of your market and country.